Dedication Semillas perdigues de maíz.
Address Ruta 31 y 191 – salto. Prov. Bs As.
Contact Ing. Paulo Andres Lacapra (Gerente de proyecto)
Phone 02473 517335

Implementation / 2021 April up to 2022 December

Engineering Detail

  • The totality of the detailed engineering, of a 13.2 Kv feeder. (2680 hours of Engineering)
  • Development and design of TGBT of 5000 A, 65 KA, internal arc proof. With 14 sectional outlets.
  • Development and design of TGBT of 1600 A, 65 KA, internal arc proof. With 8 sectional outlets.
  • Development and design of CFP of 810, KVAr, .
  • Development and design of TSA of (services).
  • Development and design of PAT grid of new SET of 3 MVA.
  • Design of civil works corresponding to the electrical work in Gral.
  • BT and MT pipeline design for the entire plant.
  • Development and design of 2 totally Fireproof Shelters, a LV room, and a MV and Transformer cell room.


  • Manufacture of Shelters, (1 Fireproof electrical room 36 Mts 2) customized for LV rooms and (1 Fireproof electrical room 18Mts 2) customized for MT, UTA + Trafo + cells.
  • Manufacture and assembly of TGBT from 5000 to 65 KA, internal arc proof, with its corresponding bus duct and flexible coupling between Trafo and TGBT.
  • Manufacture and commissioning of PFC of 810 KVAr.
  • Manufacture and assembly of automation system and automatic transfer of 2 1150 KVA generator sets.
  • Execution of the PAT system, soil movement of 350 Mts3 and the equipotential bonding system of the PAT of the plant and its TB.
  • Execution of civil works, stalls for SET, support bases for cable tray distribution vine supports; 3650 meters of 160 mm pipes with 32 1.2×1.2×1.4 inspection cameras, for laying MV and LV wiring.
  • Execution of electromechanical work, logistics, Shelter assembly, transformer substation, MV feeders, MV cell room.
  • Execution of aerial pipeline works by means of 720 Mts trays, 340 mts of heavy pipe, laying of more than 14.5 Km of MT and BT power cables. For power distribution.