Dedicación Dairy Products Manufacturing
Dirección Almte. Brown, B1748 Gral. Rodríguez, Provincia de Buenos Aires
Contacto Ing. Enzo Prieto
Teléfono 54 11 66737397

EXECUTION: Execution of the electrical system engineering for the General Rodriguez Plant. / August 2022 – October 2023.

Engineering Specification

  • Study and survey of the electrical system of the General Rodriguez industrial complex, from the supply point of EDENOR SA at 33 kV, down to the terminals of the low-voltage distribution boards (TGBT), which includes:
  • 2 Transformers of 20 MVA 33/13.2 kV, step-down transformer station, main primary maneuver and distribution center at 13.2 kV; 2 secondary distribution centers at 13.2 kV.
  • 41 Internal distribution transformers, with their respective TGBTs, study of the center of gravity of electrical loads.
  • Conceptual engineering for technological upgrading, organization, and technical project of the medium-voltage (MT) and low-voltage (BT) power system.
  • Determination of the list of primary low-voltage loads.
  • Determination of Icc (short-circuit current), in MT and BT.
  • Design and projection of a new centralized internal distribution center.
  • Design of a new 3.75 MVA CT 11
  • Design of a new 6 MVA CT 12, from 13.2 kV to 3.3 kV for power motors.
  • Design of a new 5 MVA CT 13.
  • Calculation and design of an automatic power factor correction system. 9000 kVAr for the entire plant in BT.
  • Calculation and design of an automatic power factor correction system. 1125 kVAr for the machine room in MT at 3.3 kV.
  • Technological retrofit of the current distribution center.
  • Creation of a model technical specification that regulates and determines technical specifications, performance standards, and quality for all MT and BT electrical installations.
  • General technical specifications, tender documents.
  • Generation of more than 480 technical documents.
  • Over 1850 hours of engineering work.”